19 August 2010

Lolly Cookies

Oh dear! It was a hectic few weeks for me recently...Totally running around like a mad woman preparing for the fasting month ( lots of cooking involved! ), setting up 'Ritz Passion' Facebook account ( took awhile as I've zero knowledge in all things techy! ), attending to chores...yada...yada...yada... :-P Hectic but nevertheless, I'm just grateful to be alive...

This post have been sitting in my 'draft box' for the past 2 weeks, waiting to be edited & upload...So hectic was my schedule that I couldn't even find the time to watch my tv!! And I'm a tv addict!!! :-P Missing my dose of Kimora: Life In The Fast Lane, House, Criminal Minds...and the list goes on :-P

Errr, where was I?!!! Oh yea...Lolly cookies :-P I've made these for Ms. M.E, who actually ordered on behalf of her colleague, Amy J...I think it was for their Department's gathering of some sort...Thanks M.E for your recommendation :-) Appreciate it!

Honestly, I was excited upon receiving this order as I've been wanting to try my hands on this goodies :-P Lolly cookies is one of my "Baking To Do" wish list! Now I can happily strike it off from my list...Yeayyyy!!! 1 item down, 1001 items to go... :-P

Chocalate Flavor Butter Cookies

How It Looks Like Before I 'Bling' It :-P

'Blinged'!! :-P

Sweet Deco & Packaging For A Sweet Lady

While making Amy J's cookies, I baked some extras for my grandma who actually celebrated her birthday that day...Initially I plan to bake her a cake, but due to time constraint in rushing out orders, I have to make do with baking her lolly cookies instead :-P Hope you don't mind if I give a shout out to her...Happy Birthday Mak Tok! May you be blessed with happiness & prosperity always...Love you tonesssssss!! Muahhhh!!

Owhhh! I even baked some cookies for M.E & her family...A 'Thank You' gesture on my part for her continuous support ;-)

Slipped in some lolly cookies for my 'partners in crime' buddies as well...Was thinking of them while baking...Guess I must be missing them :-P Mimi, Sufian & Jason, hope you guys are well & having a great Ramadhan...

Photo Courtesy Of Darling Mimi....Thanks Sweetie!

To M.E & Amy J, thank you for your order & most of all, thanks so much for giving me the chance to grace your event...Hope your friends & colleagues had enjoyed the goodies ;-) Last but not least, my sincere appreciation to you both for allowing me to try my very best in preparing your lolly cookies ;-)

Till my next post, take care all!

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