24 August 2010

Cupcakes Attack!

It's 1:47am & my 'battery' is still full :-P Yup, still down with fever but somehow I just can't sit still! Infact I just finished cooking!...Nothing fancy, just fried rice & mushroom soup...Now, who's gonna eat it? :-P

It's time for another update on my back logged post...Really need to clear my 'draft box'!

Had another attack of cupcakes order last week....and I love it! :-P These two orders were actually a very last minute order & at first I doubt if I could fulfill it as I had a few earlier orders that need to be settled...But I love to push & challenge myself so I accepted the orders :-P

This cupcakes order was from one of my besties, Azni, who's staying all the way in Klang...Let me tell you something about Azni...She's a super duper busy working mum that the idea of seeing her is nearly impossible! So busy was her schedules that we even have a joke among our besties that if Azni were to come out from Klang, she actually needs to apply for a Visa!! Ha...ha...( I somehow can hear Azni screaming my name after reading this!!!...Ducking under the table!!! )...Though we seldom see each other, our daily emails kept us close & seriously, I don't think I can survive without those emails!! :-x

As I say, my schedule was already quite pack when Azni called me up & told me she wishes to order some cupcakes for her family...How can I say no to my besties?!! Honestly, I'll rather stay up till late night as long as I could fulfill my besties wishes! Anyway, it always brings me joy to bake my goodies for my dearest friends....The feeling is priceless!

Azni likes my animal theme deco and requested me to mix & match my cupcakes deco for her sons & daughter...As I was pressed for time, this is all I could manage :-P

Mix Of Orange Poppy Seed & Chocolate Moist Flavors

Mix Deco

My Cupcakes All Packed & Ready To Be In Klang ;-)

I do hope Azni is satisfied with her purchase & I do hope her kids did enjoy their cupcakes...Thanks dear for your order :-x

My other order was from my strongest supporter, SHAR...She has been one of my earlier customer & till date, she's still loyal :-x Thanks SHAR for sticking by me...Love you tonnes!!

SHAR's order this time was for her favorite flavor - Orange Poppy Seed with Cream Cheese Frosting...She told me any deco would be okay with her so I decided to do a simple & sweet garden theme...Something sweet for a sweet lady ;-) 

Orange Poppy Seed With Cream Cheese Frosting ( Size L )


SHAR dearest, I hope you've enjoyed the cupcakes ;-) Thanks so much for your order & do know that I truly appreciate your support...Hope I'll be blessed with more from you :-x

Lastly, here's some cupcakes which I did to celebrate the Ramadhan month...I do hope that those tasted it enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed baking it...

Mix Deco

I Took the Chance To Practice On My 'Flower' Deco :-P

Not Bad Ehh?

All Packed & Ready To Be Enjoyed

Till my next post, take care all!

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