12 November 2010

Festival Of Light

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I've always love festivities, all kind of festivities! Not only do I get to spend time with my family during the holidays, but I also get to visit my friends who's celebrating the festival :-P What more being a Malaysian, the concept of "Open Houses" is something I look forward to...

As you all know, we recently observed the festival of light, also known as Deepavali @ Diwali. It's a day of festive joy and Malaysians visit their friends of Hindu faith to extend good wishes and to partake in the feasting and jollity.

This year's Deepavali was very special to me as I was invited to the homes of two of my close friends, husband & wife, Anand & Vany and also Dinesh & Sharm.

Their hospitality towards me was out of the world & I'm truly humbled by it. Excellent food like Maruku, Chicken Curry, Mutton, Putu Mayam ( and the list goes on! ) was prepared for me to enjoy. Vany's mother even made "Tosai" just for me as it is my favorite Indian food! Not only did I get to eat her yummylicious tosai, Amma ( which means Mother in Tamil ) was kind enough to hand me her tosai recipe! Thank you Amma!

I had such...such...great time with both the families...So much so that I've even adopted both families as my own ;-) I now have two Ammas & two Appas ( which is Daddy in Tamil ) :-)

To Anand & Vany, celebrating Deepavali with you guys & family was such a joyous occasion for me & I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful hospitality. To Amma & Appa who went out of their way to prepare the yummylicious food, Nandri ( which is Thank You in Tamil ). I still can't get enough of the Maruku, especially the spicy ones!! :-P Thank you again to Anand, Vany & family...I hope to visit all of you again soon :-x

To Dinesh & Sharm, how can I ever thank you & your family for such kind hospitality? I had a blast with Amma, Appa & Diva...I especially love my time with Amma & learning how to make Maruku :-P To Amma, thank you so much for all the cooking tips & hopefully soon I'll get to help you make Maruku ;-) I'm missing your giggles & laughter as well ;-) To Appa, you are such a gracious host, making sure everyone is comfortable & well...What a great family all of you are & I'm happy to be part of it...Nandri to all of you...

I end this post with photos of Vany's Deepavali orders - Chocolate Moist with Choc Ganache & cookies ( Chocolate Chip & Rock Cookies ). I wanted to make the cupcakes special & decided to decorate it with some Indian theme/symbol :-P I'm quite lousy with drawings ( as you can see later..he..he..) but I do hope Vany will appreciate it ;-)

Chocolate Moist with Choc Ganache & Buttercream Cupcakes

Pardon the loads of photos...I have to admit I'm kind of excited over these cupcakes as it's one of my first Indian theme free-hand drawings :-)

 Henna Inspired Patterns :-)

 Told You I'm Terrible With Drawings! Don't Laugh :-P

Vany's Cupcakes & Cookies

To Vany, thank you for selecting my goodies to grace your Deepavali. My sincere appreciation for your purchase. Hope you've enjoyed every bite of it ;-)

Take care all!


  1. Auwwww...Thanks for your kind words Amber. You have just made my day!


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