04 January 2011

Mum-To-Be Brownies

Reen, a mum-to-be saw my brownies photos via my facebook's page ( Ritz Passion ) & was suddenly hit with a craving for it :-P

Understanding Reen's situation, I put aside my busy schedules & make time to bake Reen's brownies on the spot! 

Almond Brownies

Reen, my sincere thank you for your order. It was such a pleasure baking the brownies for you & your 'baby-to-be' :-) Hope you had enjoyed your Almond Brownies ;-) All the best to you dear :-x

*Wishful thinking - Hope Reen's baby will grow up & be an ardent fan of Ritz Passion's goodies ;-)


  1. thank you kak rita for the understanding..mak labu mengidam hihi..had so much fun enjoyed ur brownies so much..yumyummm..wait for the next order soon..need to control my sugar level =)
    love it so muchhhhh

  2. Dear Reen, it was a pleasure baking for you :-x I'm really happy that u & baby have enjoyed the brownies...Hugs!


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