14 January 2011

A Good Day Indeed!

I'm enjoying today soooooo much, especially now that the weekend is coming ;-) Getting orders & new 'likers' for my Facebook page is an additional happiness to my already great day -  like extra icing on the cake I might say ;-) Love it! Thanks so much for your love & support peeps! Hugssssssss!

I've been wanting to post this entry but I had a case of 'writer's block' these last few days :-P Must be due to my fever recently ( yeah! blame it on the fever, what else...ha..ha... ) Anyway, I'm feeling much better now & getting all peppy as I'm typing this :-)

This cupcake order came from Ms. Bieha from Pandan Jaya...She was 'attacked' with a serious case of 'cupcake cravings' recently but wasn't sure if she should order as she's worried she couldn't finish it all to herself :-) A family gathering finally prompted her to place an order...Her request for her cupcakes was lotssssssss of cream cheese with simple pastel color theme :-)

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Toppings

I was really glad being able to fulfill Bieha's cupcake cravings, especially when I received her message via my mobile...Bieha texted me saying she had enjoyed the cuppies & so did her mum...She even added that it was not enough! :-P It's just so rewarding knowing that my goodies had brought joy & happiness to others  :-) A great feeling indeed!

To Bieha, thank you so much for your order & for being such a great supporter of Ritz Passion. Really appreciate it! :-x I do hope you had a blast during your family's gathering :-)


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! I'd love to learn to pipe frosting like this!!!

    <3 Betsy - JavaCupcake.com

  2. Thanks 4 your kind words, Betsy...Coming from you, this really help to boost my confidence :-) Gonna treasure this!


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